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At the end of each new episode available, I will thank and mention all the members. Available for now only in Brazilian Portuguese.

Exclusive Lives

All members will be able to participate and play with me in dedicated lives for members and participate in voice calling on Discord.


As with podcast episodes, you will also be mentioned weekly in the Newsletter that is sent to active free subscribers.


Get access to a special role at Discord for members, as well as an exclusive chat section for members as well as a dedicated voice channel.


Directly on the blog in the right sidebar and also on a dedicated page, I will thank all members and there will be a special post every month.

Live Streaming

I will thank all members of the channel at the end and each donation received in the stream, after the closing, I will add in the description.


All members have access to my YouTube channel's exclusive emotes and the emotes available by default on my Discord Server.


Weekly, members can vote on which games they wish to watch in normal lives and also for exclusive lives for members.

Early Access

Get early access to Best Moments videos and also general videos 1 (one) day in advance, before all users on YouTube. Enjoy!


Members also have early access to all projects that are under development, to collect feedback and advanced tests.


Your comments on the Blog, Podcast or YouTube Channel can be highlighted with priority. Subject to eligibility and compliance with Rules.


Members with a period of more than 6 months will be added to the Special Thanks for all the games I developed and all those that will be released.


See some of the main curiosities of how I produce content in the Image Gallery.

Juan de Souza's Studio
Juan de Souza's Studio

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